Mesirus Nefesh

An Exhibition at the Jerusalem Theatre
Grand Opening at : 02.06.2023 at 11:00 am

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My name is David Schmidt.

Over the past many years, I have translated my sons’ words into visual images. These images have become the Mesirus Nefesh suite now consisting of over 70 large scale collages and prints – unique in their imagery, caring and force.

At its core, Mesirus Nefesh is not about the American/European or Far Eastern experiences. NM is about us. Where we have come from and what we have endured. It is because of this that these often subtle images are easily understood by their primary audience, the Israelis.

The studio is almost always open…soldiers with their big guns, men in Kollel, Rabbanim in long black coats, men and women pushing strollers, new recruits/old soldiers from old wars 67,73 until now all come.

In the studio there are no conflicts between left and right, observant or secular, because MN is about our best collective selves.

Old men wipe away tears explaining to their wives and grandchildren what it was like. The images say what they were never able to express in words. For them the graphic language developed to express their experiences is their passport to a new world of communication.

MN is about us. It is about who we are and what we have become. It is the Israeli experience.

supernal man 2021
1. Supernal Man (2021)
2. The Agony of Staying Awake (2021)
3. Windows (2021)
4. Highway to Jericho (2016)
5. Don’t Ask What I’m Feeling (2023)
6. Torn Paper (2020)
7. Blind Man Walking in the Sun (the artist’s father) - 2011
Guard Your Gates 3
8. Guard Your Gates 3 (2021)
Golden Light (Our Boys)
9. Golden Light (Our Boys) - 2020
Shattered Hand
10. Shattered Hand (2021)
11. Rage (2020)
My Brother
12. My Brother (2016)
First Responders
13. First Responders (2023)
The Most Compassionate Army on the Face of the Earth
14. The Most Compassionate Army on the Face of the Earth (2022)
15. Soldier in a Wheelchair (2021)
16. Hypothermia – Frozen Rain (2018)
The Edge of Night
17. The Edge of Night (2022)
18. Night Patrol (2018)
Soldier at the Kotel
19. Soldier at the Kotel (2010)
Back in Action
20. Back in Action (2021)
Davening at Dawn in the Judean Hills
21. Davening at Dawn in the Judean Hills (2018)
No Soldier Left Behind
22. No Soldier Left Behind (2020)
Soldier with Gun
23. Soldier with Gun (2006)
24. Bereavement (2018)
Jaffa Gate
25. Jaffa Gate (2017-2020)
Destruction of Jerusalem Bus Number 18
26. Destruction of Jerusalem Bus Number 18 (2012)
First Responder Carrying Wounded Child
27. First Responder Carrying Wounded Child (2008)
28. 23 Minutes of Sleep (2023)
29. Tallis, Tefillin an Assault Rifle (2021)
First Responder (2)
30. First Responder - 2 (2012)
Soldier at Kotel
31. Soldier at Kotel (2012)

This exhibit is comprised of 29 collages.



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